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Snyder Pickerill’s award winning team has a three-fold philosophy for guiding winning campaigns, and will work closely with you every step of the way.

1) Message wins elections

The campaign’s message is the foundation upon which the campaign is built.  From fundraising to field to politics – the strength of every aspect of a campaign is contingent on the right message. We believe that message starts with a candidate's story.  Voters need to understand what motivates a candidate to take on the issues she or he are promoting.  It is these personal stories told through effective advertising that makes a candidate's message genuine, authentic and powerful.

2) Production values matter

Compared to big corporations, campaigns have limited budgets.  But that’s no excuse for a campaign spot to look “cheap”.  Your campaign’s ads still must run side by side with Pepsi and Nike ads; a campaign ad that looks poorly produced by comparison will make your message and candidate seem less credible.  We will never allow a spot a client is not proud of, to hit the airwaves.

3) Your campaign is as important to us as it is to you

Having spent more than two decades on the ground managing and speaking for high profile campaigns, we know what it is like to live and breath for a campaign. As media consultants we still feel the same way.  We take on a limited number of races each year so that we can give the highest level of personal attention  possible to each one.   We become emotionally committed to our campaigns and candidates - just like we did when we were managing.  The most successful campaigns are those that come together like "causes," not just as jobs.

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